Corneal Transplant

Nowadays, waiting times are reduced to a maximum of around 1 month due to the legalisation of the use of the European Eye Bank in addition to the national one that already existed.

Corneal transplantation is still the surgical option for many pathologies that cause corneal opacity or irregularity (keratoconus, traumatic or infectious scars, hereditary or acquired corneal degeneration, etc).

According to the bank´s own information, recourse to the European Bank enables corneas to be obtained for transplantation within 30 days. Recourse to the national bank has very variable waiting times, but generally exceeds several

Added to this is the very important fact that this is an eye bank that can supply multiple tissues obtained from cadaver eyes, not just corneas. This makes it possible to carry out quicker and simpler surgeries such as endothelium or Descemet´s and endothelium transplants, scleral tissue implants for wound repair, dehiscence or eye tumour surgery, which until now could not be obtained from national banks or from private institutions.