Glaucoma Surgery

The classic procedure (with its many variants) is trabeculectomy.

The new techniques that have emerged, although they haven't eliminated the existence of classic surgery, which is still indicated in certain cases, include Non-Penetrating Deep Partial Sclerotomy, stents in Schlemm´s canal, catheterisation of the aqueous veins and valves – the least recent of all.

The advantage of these new surgeries is essentially that they are less aggressive towards the eye and therefore less risky, but this doesn´t always mean that they are more effective than classic surgeries.

We can say that the technical resources at our disposal have increased.

GLAUCOMA – minimally invasive surgery

Of all the techniques, there is only one – S.I.G.S. (Stab Incision Glaucoma Surgery), which has the advantages over the others of not depending on the application of any valves or implants, which are extremely expensive, as well as being quicker and easier to perform than its counterparts.

We expect it to be used increasingly and it is currently the technique we favour when there is an indication for surgery.