Here we would like to highlight the prevalence of dry eye syndrome and new therapeutic approaches.

Dry eye is typically treated using the many lubricating and comfort tear formulations on themarket, however it can be treated in the most resistant cases with plasma enriched with growth factors (PRGF).

Plasma enriched with growth factors is obtained from the patient´s blood, from which eye drops are obtained that are usually applied twice a day.

From just one collection, enough activated plasma is usually obtained for a 3-month course of treatment, after which a high percentage of patients no longer feel the need to use artificial tears, or their use becomes sporadic.

Plasma enriched with growth factors is obtained from the patient´s blood after a rapid laboratory process and is used (with different preparation formulas) in multiple pathologies such as the treatment of dry eye, aesthetic treatment of wrinkles, treatment of severe trophic corneal ulcers, etc. as well as multiple applications in areas of medicine such as orthopaedics, traumatology, stomatology, vascular surgery, etc.

In the case of the treatment of severe or moderate dry eye, its application succeeds in a very high percentage of cases in eliminating the use of any treatment for periods that may exceed a
year, or in facilitating much less frequent use of artificial tears.